Hill Palace Hotel and Conference Centre, a spectacular luxurious hotel on the Akwapim mountain Located in the southern part of Akwapim on the Aburi Ridge near the Peduase Presidential Lodge, Hill Palace Hotel, a spectacular luxurious hotel. It is a 2-star elegant hotel and conference centre which provides 3 to 4 star services. This hotel is the ideal place for unique relaxation and conferences as well as other events.

Built in 2015, Hill Palace Hotel and Conference Centre is the meeting point of tradition and modern design. The building and surrounding of the hotel are those of a modern architecture: stone-hedged buildings, stone-paved alleyways, Stonehenge fountain attached to the swimming pool, and well maintained gardens with local flowers and trees.

Hill Palace Hotel has 40 air-conditioned rooms with king size beds, spacious bathrooms which have both cold and hot water running 24 hours a day. We also have a 2 bed room executive apartment with 2 balconies that have a fantastic view of Accra’s skyline, and a soon-to-open Spa.

We have four conference rooms with seating capacities for 200, 70, 25 and 15 guests respectively. We also have an open space for parties. Free High Speed Wireless Internet Connection is always available for your use anywhere on the hotel property, as well as Digital Satellite TV (DSTV) in all the rooms and public places (the bar & restaurant and the pool-side terrace)

The Hotel is a secure oasis of peace and tranquillity, a luxurious place to stay and for conferences, efficiently backed by our dedication in personalized services. This modern day haven is approximately 10-minute walk from the Peduase Presidential Lodge, a 5-minute drive from the Aburi Botanical Garden and about 30-minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport. It is also about an hour drive from Boti Falls and approximately 30mins drive from Tetteh Quarshie’s cocoa farm (The first cocoa farm in Ghana).

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Address Peduase High Street E/R Aburi, Ghana


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