Senegal: Elected Mayor of Ziguinchor, Ousmane SONKO renames five streets

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Newly elected at the head of Ziguinchor, Mayor Ousmane Sonko has changed the names of the arteries of the city of Ziguinchor bearing the names of French personalities. It was during the first city council that the new mayor of Ziguinchor announced several measures, including the renaming of five streets that bore the names of settlers.

Barely installed in the town hall of Ziguinchor, which he conquered during the recent municipal elections held on January 23, 2022, Ousmane Sonko, new mayor of the city in southern Senegal, announced Thursday, February 17, 2022, the rechristening of five streets hitherto bearing French names. These names will be categorically replaced by African names, valiant men and valiant women who have marked the history of Senegal.

From now on, rue du General De Gaulle will be called “rue de la paix”. The avenue of captain Javelier will become “avenue of the African skirmisher”, in tribute to the African soldiers who fought for France during the two World Wars. Rue Lieutenant Lemoine is renamed “Rue Thiaroye 44”. As for the rue de France, it becomes Rue de l’Union Africaine. Finally the rue du lieutenant Truch, changes to bear the name of Séléki.

SourceAfrica 24
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