Football fans demand permission to attend matches again

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According to the organisers of the planned protest on Saturday, more than 2 000 football supporters from across the country will be at the march to show their dissatisfaction. The march to demand the opening of stadiums to the general public will also be attended by people from affected industries. The livelihood of stadium vendors and security personnel at the matches who now don’t have any form of income, are also affected by the banishment of fans at live football matches.

“I think the major demand as the supporters’ association is one we need to go back to the stadium. It’s been too long now, it’s over two years since the COVID-19 pandemic and yes the country is open to have 2 000 spectators in the field of play, however in football we don’t even have a single spectator allowed to be back at the stadium in terms of the Premier Soccer League games and also in rallying behind and talking to the PSL assisting them in also pushing the minimum 50% capacity to open stadiums for supporters,” says NAFSA Acting Chief Executive. Siyabulela Loyilane.

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