Rwandan music needs more support – Fireman

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It is after the former member of Tuff Gang appeared on some of the trending hits in town like ‘Muzadukumbura’ and ‘Bafana Bafana’ expressing challenges musicians face in Rwanda.

Talking to this publication, the renowned rapper said that what drives him to speaking out for the industry in almost all of his recent songs is that local music lacks enough support.

He said that music has come a long way and is slowly getting to greater heights in Rwanda, something he believes that musicians did by themselves.

Adding to that, Fireman stated that the Rwandan music industry can even make it to another level like Nigerian music if the government put more effort in it like other sectors, and also call private investors to invest in this industry.

“These big countries in Africa all started like us. The Nigerian government called musicians who lived in other countries to return home promising them support. That’s how big names like Davido, Tiwa savage and Don Jazzy changed African music” he said, explaining how support played a big role in shaping one of the best genres of Africa, afro-beat.

Another issue, in the second flow of Bafana Bafana, Fireman highlighted how foreign artistes are the priority in Rwandan events yet local artistes can also deliver the best.

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