Tunisian questionnaire on constitution is met with a nationwide shrug

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With two weeks to go before the survey is due to end, only 276,000 people have taken part in the country of 12 million, according to the survey website, amid accusations by Kais Saied’s critics that the consultation is a charade.

After his move against the elected parliament last summer, the 64-year-old announced in December he would appoint a committee to rewrite the constitution with input from the people and put it to a referendum in June.

He says his intervention was a response to a decade of political and economic stagnation at the hands of a corrupt, self-serving elite.

“The future of Tunisia is in the hands of Tunisians and it is their intensive participation that will pave the way towards a new stage in the history of Tunisia based on the real popular will and not on fake legitimacy,” Saied said in January.

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