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People love to convey a powerful message with the outfits and accessories they wear. This is where street fashion comes into the picture. Street fashion is raw but, at the same time, trendy. Knotwtr, a high-end fashion brand, understands the true elements of street fashion. Worn by celebrities, professional athletes, and social media influencers, Knotwtr has already been featured in renowned publications like Forbes and GQ. Initially started with a range of sleek and stylish high fashion sunglasses Volume 1, Knotwtr soon expanded its collection to streetwear bags and more accessories in Volume 2. Knotwtr was founded by Obi Nwankwo, a young African American model, actor and entrepreneur who is known for his refined sense of fashion. He is the face in the commercials of top brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike, Under Armor, Puma, Gucci, Bose, AT&T, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Uber. With a degree in Finance, Accounting & Management from the prestigious Boston College, he was a track and field stand out where he set 4x school records and graduated as the most decorated 400 meter runner in Boston College history. Obi stands 6’3” with a smile and sharp features that instantly grab attention. The idea behind starting “Knotwtr” came as a reflection of his own life. This brand is not (Knot) what people think it is; it is much more than just another street fashion brand. It all started in 2020 when the pandemic hit the world and people were confined indoors. Obi decided to utilize the time by shaping his long-time dream of starting a fashion brand. He started sketching designs of cool frames for sunglasses. Soon, Obi realized he needed help to turn his dream into reality and hired an artist to solidify his vision. Then he began working on the packaging which he wanted to be exclusive. Obi designed the most revolutionary and exceptional packaging seen from an eyewear product. After a year of working with several vendors and manufacturers, Obi was ready to launch Volume 1 of Knotwtr in 2021.

The sunglasses of Knotwtr are unique for their elite design. All the sunglasses include luxury packaging that includes a stylish bamboo eyewear case, a spray, and a finger handkerchief to clean the lens. The sides of all sunglasses have unique one-liner messages engraved that reflect the personality of the person wearing them. Knotwtr

sunglasses have the date “7-7’1938” on the glasses. This is Obi’s grandfather’s date of birth. His grandfather unfortunately passed away just before the launch of the brand, so Obi has dedicated the entire Volume 1 and 2 of Knotwtr to him.

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