Harnessing the power of a data cloud with Google Cloud

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This is according to Sizwe Mabanga, Google cloud architect and customer engineer at Digicloud Africa, who says most local organisations are looking to optimise their data warehousing to enable faster mining for insights.

“There is a realisation that cloud solutions are easier to use than on-premise infrastructure, and importantly – they can deliver insights much faster.”

“With Platform-as-a-Service solutions, they don’t have to set up their own infrastructure with various bespoke tools; they access a single platform with tools that are proven to work together,” he says.”

“Where Google stands out in this space is its ease of use, ease of getting started, and the fact that there is no underlying infrastructure you have to spin up.”

“At the centre of this ecosystem is BigQuery, an SQL compliant solution housing data in a structured format so you can run tests and queries incredibly quickly and easily.”

“And when you need work as part of a team, that’s where all the other tools come in to join the datasets. Google Cloud delivers the easiest platform to use and start getting value immediately,” Mabanga says.

He says key advantages of a data cloud with Google Cloud include ease of use, dramatically reduced time to insights, and that it delivers petabyte scale data warehousing as a service with no infrastructure to manage.

Security and compliance are also assured, with tools to secure, control access, and deidentify the data.

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