MTN Business, Huawei Technologies sign 5G MOU with mining companies

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The agreement will allow MTN Business and Huawei to provide 5G equipment and connectivity and aims to provide high-speed 5G broadband access and security assurance throughout the mining areas.

Once complete, the mining participants will mark a significant step forward in the digital transformation of the local mining industry.

It will effectively demonstrate how several emerging technologies can be combined with 5G to improve functions across the mines, including ore screening, mining equipment automation, transmission equipment automation, and underground safety.

Wanda Matandela, Chief Enterprise Officer at MTN Business says “The mining industry is at the crossroads of significant technological changes. At MTN Business, we are excited to be playing a leading role in this space by using our world-class network and systems to promote the growth and sustainability of our enterprise customers.”

“We have invested over R50bn in modernising our network for the past five years, this investment has put MTN in a greater position to offer cutting edge, faster and seamless connectivity to its customers.”

“The partnership with mining companies will see all parties involved reaping the benefits of our best network,” says Matandela.

This advancement will become increasingly important as South Africa looks to remain competitive in the global mineral and resources space. This partnership is a game-changer that will transform old mining processes.

As the world moves toward Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions, technologies such as 5G will play a crucial part in ensuring that companies gain a competitive edge in the market.

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