Filecoin Hosts Conference To Lead Conversations On Decentralization and Blockchain Technology.

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While there have been conversations on the need to strategically adopt more digital modes of operations, most developing countries have approached this evolution with reluctance and shaky hands. Filecoin, the worlds’ largest decentralized network provider, partnered with Ethereum-Nigeria to organize the first-ever networking conference in Nigeria themed ‘The FileCoin Conference’ which is being held from Thursday, March 31st to Saturday, April 2nd at Zone Tech Gbagada, in Lagos Nigeria to kickstart conversations on Blockchain and decentralization.

With the growing influence of Web3, and blockchain in the tech world, Filecoin has delved into fostering more insight into the possibilities it presents for Nigeria’s thriving economy and the immense benefits of storing, requesting, and transferring data via a verifiable marketplace with charged speed.

The 3-day multifaceted conference witnessed a gathering of top experts in the blockchain field and reputable speakers from across the globe, with an agenda that encompassed a workshop, a mini-hackathon and a deep dive conference.

When asked about the initiatives and core objectives for the conference, Chukwuemeka Enoch Mbaebie, a Devcon V Scholar Alumni and the Ambassador for Orbit Community Program Lagos, stated that,

“As one of the biggest spaces for tech in Africa right now, it is only right that Nigerians should be at the forefront taking advantage of the possibilities that Web3 and Blockchain technology has to offer. We believe that our aspirations in creating a decentralized tech solution align with the desires of young Nigerians which is why we have designed this conference.”

The glaring specialization and expertise of Filecoins’ advanced technology to provide a robust foundation where the world’s most valuable datasets are stored in a completely open-source environment enabling people from all over the world to participate, has positioned them as key pioneers and experts to lead this conversation.

The conference is power-packed with deep-dive interactive sessions on various topics such as IPFS, NFTs, Web3, Daap, FVM, Metaverse and the Future of Filecoin. Understanding that diversity is the spice of life especially when it centres around providing the best knowledge from expert speakers, Filecoin strategically employed experts and professionals like; Juan Benet- CEO Protocol Labs, Yulia Deriuhina- Ecosystem WG, Akinyemi Akindele- CEO Betdemand, Oluchi Enebel- Web3Ladies, Jonathan Dotan, Chris Quintero- CEO Stackshift and others to speak at the conference.

When asked what the Hackathon would look like, Akinyemi Akindele stated that the hackathon will be an opportunity where young Nigerians will be able to display their skills and stand the chance to win cash prizes worth $1750, a conducive working space for three months and membership in the Orbit Community Program in Lagos.

The third day of the event witnessed the hackathon which was declared open by the CTO of Blocverse- Tochukwu Okoro. While questions were addressed to provide better indepth knowledge on Web3 and Blockchain technology for participants and the numerous job offers available, applicants for the Hackathon geared up to begin the contest in full speed.

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