Ghana: VP Bawumia Woos American Football to Establish NFL Africa Academy in Ghana for Talent Development

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Dr. Bawumia, who hosted a delegation of the NFL at the Jubilee House on Friday, stressed that Ghana, with a multi-talented youth, as well as being a peaceful and a business-friendly nation, is well-suited for an NFL Africa Academy to help unearth and develop talents for professional American and also create opportunities for the youth.

The visit by the American NFL delegation, follows a meeting in New York earlier this year between the Office of the Vice President and the NFL, which discussed potentials and opportunities in the NFL expanding its operations in Ghana for talent discovery and development.

Subsequent to the meeting, the NFL has selected Ghana to host an NFL Africa Camp in June this year, to identify talents for development.

Dr. Bawumia expressed gratitude to the NFL for choosing Ghana to host the talent discovery NFL Africa Camp, adding that the platform will create opportunities for the youth of Ghana.

“I am happy that you have decided to make the NFL Africa Campt happen here in Ghana. It is an opportunity for young people in this country,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“We have a very strong, athletic and intelligent youth who are waiting for such opportunities and I am sure once this comes and awareness grows, are going to take advantage of what is on offer to open doors for our young people”

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