Kenya: Coco Em featured as Apple Music Isgubhu artist

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The electronic DJ and producer, whose real name is Emma Mbeke Nzioka, is hailed not only for her courage to step into a male-dominated music sub-culture but also for her innovative Afro-electro sets.

She is fast becoming a highly sought-after DJ from the East African region. Some of her performances include Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda, Les Rencontres Trans Musicales in France, Terra Negra Festival in Tunisia, and a Boiler Room session in Nairobi, Kenya. Coco Em recently released her Kilumi EP on the InFiné label.

“The African dance and electronic scene is always constantly shifting and evolving,” Coco Em told Apple Music. “In my own city, Nairobi, options for music and cultural education have been boosted by organisations who are offering electronic music education curriculums and pushing for exploration of culture and alternative expression in the scene.”

“The end product is an unpredictable and exciting mash-up of sounds. I believe that for a scene to thrive, honest and raw artist expression must be encouraged, mentored and supported.”

Isgubhu(link is external) is a hub of African dance and electronic music on Apple Music. It features and elevates the work of African electronic DJs, producers and creatives, and pays homage to an evergreen set of genres and the African artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the dance and electronic scene around the world.

As part of her inclusion in the programme, Coco Em has curated an exclusive Isgubhu playlist featuring tracks that showcase a wide range of electronic talent from Africa.

“I always enjoy the journey of exploring and curating a good playlist. It is a direct reflection of how I present my ideas while in the heart of my DJ sets. This particular one for Apple Music’s Isgubhu encompasses the energy, expectation, excitement and nervousness of a post-COVID music journey as well as the frustration of the unpredictability of our world,” Coco Em said.

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