Top trending Pondo hairstyles in South Africa 2022

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The pondo hairstyles in 2022 are taking South Africa by storm! Emerging as one of 2022’s hottest hair trends, pondo hairstyles for black ladies will last well for a long time. From celebs to businesswomen, from college students to stay-at-home moms, it is still the hottest look, and it suits all women! No Gorilla Glue was used in the making of this article or hairstyles.

The style for 2022 is still as classic as the pondo hairstyle 2021. It features an elaborate braid that falls into a long ponytail. This slick hairdo is ideal for working women who are emerging back into an on-site world of work in 2022 in line with adjusted lockdown regulations in the country.

Just a note, though – this kind of hairstyle can cause damage to your hairline and result in hair loss or thinning. So avoid overusing this style. Besides, try and reduce the pressure on your scalp by not tying it too tight.

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