XIAOMI Devices and the African Financial Market: The Small Business Owners Partner

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Just as small businesses are the live wires of any economy, many of them need technical know-how and tech tools to survive in the modern-day world. On a daily basis, small businesses rely on technology to grow, promote, and efficiently work in line with global peers. From great mobile gadgets to internet capabilities, technological advancement provides great impacts for small businesses across various sectors.

One great gadget company making sure every small business has access to technologically inclined products is Xiaomi. After launching themselves into the mobile market in 2010, Xiaomi has gone on to create groundbreaking products that have helped make the lives of people better. Their introduction into the African market came at a time when the African market needed a change from the other mobile devices they were used to. What they needed was smart, fast, and functional, and Xiaomi provided that.

Small businesses today have thrived, exceled, and even made serious expansion due to some of Xiaomi’s products. But Xiaomi is not just known for its products; it is also known for its work with the African youth. At the end of the year 2021, Xiaomi launched a campaign called “Beyondtheboundaries with Xiaomi”. The campaign saw young entrepreneurs, content creators, and so many young African successes tell their stories.

The campaign mainly ran on their FACEBOOK PAGES in different African countries GHANA, KENYA, TUNISIA, MOROCCO, IVORY COAST AND NIGERIA. It was a 10-day campaign where Xiaomi connected with its Xiaomi’s fans via Social Media platforms most especially FACEBOOK and let them inspire each other to make a difference by sharing their own 2021 stories and achievements. This campaign was so successful that it saw over 20M impressions and reach and over 200k Engagements. This is the first Pan-African engaging campaign organized by Xiaomi on the continent. This campaign was very successful across Africa and saw young people participate. And they have promised that the next time they organize a campaign like this, they will improve the impact, build a large and strong Xiaomi Fans community in Africa.

These campaigns went on to influence and encourage other young people to share their dreams and reach for the realization of them. These are the small gestures that have made Xiaomi users closer to the brand.

The Xiaomi devices seem to have been specifically developed for small businesses to thrive in the present age.

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