Congo: Showcase of culture, style at first Brazza Fashion Week

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The fashion show was organized under the theme “Traditions and modernity” and had Institut Français du Congo (IFC) teaming up with designer and Congolese artiste Queen Tawa.

Queen Tawa is responsible for the brand “Liputa Swagga”.

“The Congo is the country of fashion and sape. It’s been two years since we did anything because of Covid. There, we are gradually returning to the event. It is important ” the artiste said at the show in Brazzaville.

There were also exhibitors at the event who displayed their products and brands.

“We offer a variety of sewn and unstitched items. Gladys Kiba-Dira, a stylist and pattern maker from Brazzaville said of her products.

“Brazza Fashion Week is first and foremost an event that promotes Congolese fashion and beauty, then helps entrepreneurs who are in the shadows to show themselves to the public” the pattern maker added.

During the fashion show itself, the designer from the DRC, Lydie Okosa created a sensation by wearing a dress sewn with newspaper; a show to plead for healthy communication.

“I studied communication, and that’s when I understood that it is necessary to communicate in a healthy way. Because with this, one impact positively, one can resolve conflicts. With a truthful communication, we can clearly assess the state we are in, and that can lead us to development”.

The Brazza Fashion Week was the first experience of a fashion week for some designers and creators in Congo. Many relished the showcase with live music and other side attractions.

Africanews correspondent Laudes Martial likened the event to that of a “re-born of Culture in Brazzaville”. Martial reiterated that the participation of some models and stylists from neighboring countries brought even more glamour to the show and that oranizers have hinted of their plan to see the future editions expanded.

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