MTN SA Launches New FLTE & 5G for the Home Packages

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The newly launched month-to-month Uncapped Home FLTE priced from R499 and Uncapped Home 5G from R699, come with a free-to-use router, the telco says via press release. This builds on the launch of the innovative Airfibre solution at the beginning of 2021 and makes further strides in helping connect the unconnected at affordable prices.

“Our aim is to consistently provide additional affordable options for more people to access high-quality solutions, with low latency and stable download speeds. We are extremely excited to build on our FLTE and Air fibre innovations to now bring the cutting-edge benefits of 5G to our users,” says Megan Nicholas, MD at Supersonic.

“5G technology greatly enhances the number of devices that can be connected to a network without losing quality. It brings the cutting-edge benefits of greater speed and more stability, ensuring users access new opportunities, whether it’s working, learning, playing, or just staying in touch with family and friends,” says Nicholas.

FLTE, meanwhile, is a fixed wireless broadband offering that transfers data using wavelengths and analogue infrastructure, saving costs and expanding reach, without compromising quality.

“It continues to grow substantially as a powerful solution for more people to access a world of connectivity,” says Nicholas.

“The FLTE internet piggybacks on existing infrastructure and remains extremely popular as it brings solutions to households which may never have been able to access the benefits of the modern, connected world. And now for those wanting even faster speeds, we are adding cutting edge 5G technology to the mix,” says Nicholas.

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