Nigeria: a hundred terrorists put out of harm’s way in the vicinity of Lake Chad

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This is the result of a military operation conducted around Lake Chad. This operation brought together three countries, namely Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger. For several weeks now, this mixed force has been working to flush out these jihadists.

The borders of Lake Chad are no longer the preserve of jihadists. Indeed, for several years, rebel groups have targeted the localities surrounding Lake Chad. They carried out many abuses there. This forced people to flee this area. It is on the strength of this observation that Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger, the main countries gravitating around Lake Chad, have conducted a military operation called Lake Sanity in recent weeks. Race results, nearly 100 rebels neutralized. All from the Islamic State in West Africa (Iswap) and JAS, a very powerful and loyal subsidiary of the terrorist sect Boko Haram.

According to the spokesman of this multinational force, Colonel Muhammad Dole, the booty reported from this punitive expedition includes 105 mm caliber weapons, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, food and drugs. And many homemade weapons factories destroyed. The operation also freed hostages. Mainly children and women. Among the jihadists neutralized by the airstrikes, we note the presence of at least ten high-ranking commanders. Four of them have been formally identified. These include Abubakar Dan Buduma, Abubakar Shuwa, Abu Ali and Abu Jubrilla.

Colonel Muhammad Dole nevertheless specified that during this operation, 18 soldiers were injured by explosive devices planted by rebels. He did not specify the duration of this operation. For almost 10 years, the territories surrounding the Lake Chad basin have been the scene of numerous abuses caused by the Boko Haram nebula and its armed branches. In Nigeria, the rebellion is rooted in the northeast. In Cameroon, it is centered in the Far North region. Several thousand civilians and soldiers have already lost their lives and there are millions of displaced persons. The main areas combed through by the joint force are Zanari, Arina Woje, Asagar, Larki and Garere.

On the strength of this rout, the rebel forces decided to increase their numbers by recruiting new fighters. This is reported by the Nigerian online newspaper Human Angle. The site reports that Iswap has decided to set its sights on fishermen working in the Lake Chad region. Moreover, the terrorist branch has accentuated in recent weeks its policy of taxing local populations. A situation that has pushed many fishermen to flee Lake Chad.

Initiatives of this kind between States could quickly contribute to containing the terrorist threat in the localities. In addition, the joint Nigeria-Cameroon-Niger force calls on the populations to overcome psychosis and to collaborate as much as possible with the defense forces which are there to ensure their protection.

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