Midem industry expo to return in 2023

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In an announcement sent by RX France to shareholders in December last year, the company said that it was discontinuing the event following an internal review and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The announcement, however, noted that ongoing talks with the Cannes authorities to possibly take over the conference were still in progress.

Since it was established in 1967, Midem has organised a number of initiatives in Africa, including the annual Midem Artist Accelerator, which is a boot camp intended to support managers, agents, labels and publishers who wish to grow their artists’ profiles globally. Ahead of the main event in France, Midem hosts a number of African Music Forums, which aim to support the development and globalisation of African music markets.

The Midem brand will now be owned by the City of Cannes Municipality. A statement by the City of Cannes said that Midem is now “reborn to adapt to changes in the recording industry.”

“In order to rediscover this emblematic event on the Cannes calendar, the Town Hall of Cannes is taking over Midem so that it once again becomes the essential meeting place for music professionals from all over the world,” Cannes mayor David Lisnard said. “We are consulting major and independent labels, live music companies, streaming services and industry bodies to make sure the show – which will return in 2023 – is fit for purpose.”

City of Cannes said that it had consulted with a number of professionals representing the French and global musical businesses, including the big three major labels, independent labels, streaming platforms, and organisers of live shows, among others, to ensure that they offer a qualitative programme Midem.

Midem’s attendance figures have declined significantly over the years. In 2018 and 2017, the event saw about 4 800 and 4 400 delegates, a significant drop from 10 000 guests in 2001. The City of Cannes pinned the tumbling attendance figures to the rise of online platforms and streaming and promised under new management, Midem will strive to strengthen the cultural dimension of the event.

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