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The main attraction of the Simien Moumains National Park is its biosphere. Certainly, there are steep cliffs and cool climate at the altitude of the Erica tree line. Therefore, the Ibex Species (Capra ibex wee) is the beneficiary of this amazing situation.

Despite the severe restriction of their habitat over the last centuries, several hundred animals have survived up to the present. The Park includes many other animal species. The endemic Simien fox or Ethiopian wolf (Canis .071817,51-3 simony’s) and several birds of prey. The endemic Gelada baboon, the Klippspringer, and the bush buck. The rareness of these species formed the backbone of the concept for conservation of the area. which led to the establishment of the Simien Mountains National Park in 1969, and its listing as a World Heritage Site in 1918.

The human population living in the area adds to the distinctiveness of this special natural environment. The traditional lifestyle of the rural population and their survival in a rather harsh climate and with scarce natural resources make for the most striking impressions a visitor will have when trekking in the Park and its surrounding rural area.

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