How R.O.Z’s Indie Canadian Label Signed an Unprecedented Deal With Sony Music West Africa

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It’s released through his independent label Entertainment Money Business Incorporated, established in 2010 with his brothers Richmond and William Nyantakyi, with a mission to develop artists, producers, songwriters, and DJs. But according to R.O.Z, it operates more like a cultural movement.

“It began as having a team around me to build longevity, as an artist and a producer,” he discloses. The label has evolved into a multimedia recording, entertainment, and management company with acts 2Epik, Nigel Knight, Mason Groovy, Bwoy Lyrikal, and others. Most recently, EMB Inc. inked a first-of-its-kind partnership with Sony Music West Africa.

Since R.O.Z launched his label and starting making music, he’s managed to steadily push all his facets forward, although admittedly he’s rarely been consistent. ”I’d have a moment in time where people were jumping to it and if I was consistent, I’d have more fans or whatever comes with it, but I’d put it out there and stop because something in the business would deter me.”

Eventually, he learned a balance between creating music and the music business, but attributed most of his growth to who he’s met along the way. “Banko appreciates my music, but really, I’m here because of relationships.”

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