AMVCA day 8: Africa Magic Epic is not exclusive to Igbo cultural movies — Busola Tejumola

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The workshop brought together content producers and filmmakers to discuss sustainable content criteria and inclusiveness in the West African movie scene.

Amongst many complaints made by movie producers and industry stakeholders present was the issue of cultural gap and representation in the movies shown on the Africa Magic channels.

The Head of Content, Africa Magic, Busola Tejumola further clarified that the Africa Magic epic channel is not exclusive to the Igbo culture. She also encouraged movie producers to create content that depict the richness in Nigerian tribes, “if you have an english movie or series content, that is culturally set in Hausa, yoruba, Ijaw or any of the minor tribes, please send it to the Africa Magic Epic team for consideration. When the portal opens for pitches we will let the public know via emails.”

She also stated plans to replicate the content market workshop this year by November 10th, “myself and other channel heads are committed as a team to continue to grow the Africa Magic brand and Showmax brand. We have been planning this for months so as to bridge the gap between us and our content producers, and it’s very important that we get it right because it is something that we would replicate at least twice a year. So by November 10 this year we look forward to having these conversations again.”

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