Top Botswana Safari Destination: Khama Rhino Sanctuary

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Khama is a community based wildlife project, established in 1992 to help save dwindling rhino populations and reintroduce wildlife into the depleted wilderness area, which was formerly inhabited by an abundance of wildlife. Covering about 4,300 hectares of Kalahari Sandveld, including many natural waterholes, today the Sanctuary serves as prime habitat for both white and black rhinos, as well as many other wild animals and more than 230 bird species.

Khama is considered a true eco-tourism destination, as well as being the best place to see white rhinos in Botswana.

This wildlife sanctuary has significantly contributed to the survival of rhinos in Southern Africa, helping to increase populations and protect both black and white rhinos, along with over 30 other wildlife species.

The Sanctuary’s long term goal is to provide a safe habitat for rhinos to breed in and to re-introduce them into their natural habitats in Botswana. The Khama Sanctuary is well protected by rangers and the Botswana Defense Force that carry out anti-poaching patrols to ensure the safety of its wildlife.

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