Digital Afrique Telecom Partnered with Ever Medical Technologies to Modernise the Africa Healthcare Industry through Technology

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Africa is growing fast, urbanizing, and industrializing. Every country in Africa is working to close the gap on infrastructure. A major part of these efforts is in modernising the healthcare systems. Digital Afrique Telecom is a major player with a wealth of experience in selling and implementing technology solutions in Africa with customers in 20 countries on the continent. Likewise, Ever Medical Technology is a vibrant medical technology company implementing the latest technological advances in cloud and blockchain solutions in Healthcare institutions in Southeast Asia and the United States of America.

Ever Medical Technologies provide a full suite of software solutions for the healthcare industry of digital healthcare including Electronic Healthcare Records applications, healthcare interoperability solutions through a blockchain based health information exchange, data mining and machine learning applications, telemedicine and telepharmacy applications.

Ever Medical Technologies is the perfect platform to allow insurance companies, clinics, hospitals, and governments to seamlessly and rapidly advance their customers journey and ease back-office processes.

This new partnership is actively coming to life with roadshows starting in 4 countries namely Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria and Botswana. These roadshows will gradually be expanding to the rest of the continent within a year.

Companies operating in these countries in the insurance and healthcare industry are invited to quickly connect with Digital Afrique Telecom for the benefit of their customers. Ever Medical Technologies innovative solutions will naturally maximise efficicency, reduce waste and lower cost for hospitals, patients and payers.

Simplice Anoh, CEO of DAT declared “The Africa healthcare system needs to be modernised. We are proud to participate in accelerating that process through technology with our world class solutions provider with proven track records which can solve challenges for the healthcare industry across Africa. At DAT, we pride ourselves to activate the digital revolution in Africa technology platforms through innovation and we believe Ever is instrumental in achieving this for the healthcare system”

Bhunusich Chomanan, CEO of Ever Medical Technologies, commented on the partnership “We are extremely pleased to join forces with DAT to offer our cutting-edge medical technologies solutions to Africa. Modernising healthcare systems across the globe lies at the heart of our mission and vision and Africa is a continent which cannot be left behind”

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