Abuja National Mosque

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One of the most significant monuments is the Abuja National Mosque, built in 1984. It is well-known religious building in the city every year there is a huge number of visitors. The mosque is open for non-Muslim population free from prayer time.

The total floor area of ​​20 000 square meters. In the corners of the main building has four minarets with a spiral staircase inside a height of 120 meters. The prayer hall is a large room without columns, crowned with one large and four small golden domes. They glisten in the sun and represent the most impressive sight in Abuja. Rings huge chandelier contain Koranic inscriptions.

The building has an administrative block, which includes offices, a conference room and a library. At the mosque opened a small museum, which is a magnificent collection of ceramics, attributes of Islamic art and stone engravings.

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