“These are the 4 best African goalkeepers in history”

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In an interview granted to Carré, a media specializing in Interviews, the Senegalese Chelsea goalkeeper has listed the best African goalkeepers of all time. Curiously, Edouard Mendy has forgotten several great goalkeepers the continent has known. For the African champion, Thomas Nkono (Cameroon), Tony Sylva (Senegal), Carlos Kameni (Cameroon) and Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria) are the four best African goalkeepers in history.

“The greatest African goalkeeper of all time? I think that in Africa, we are lucky to have had a lot of goalkeepers who marked their period. Goalkeepers of course like Thomas N’Kono, but more recently, we had Tony Sylva who is truly a legend for Senegalese football. We had Carlos Kameni. We also had Vincent Enyeama. In several countries, we were lucky to have a lot of very good goalkeepers. So it’s really hard to name just one. », He told Carré.

The illustrious goalkeeper of the Indomitable Lions, formerly of OM or Saint-Étienne, was asked to decide on the greatest of all time. Joseph Antoine Bell did not go through four paths when the question was put to him. For the Cameroonian legend, he is the best African goalkeeper of all time. And he said it during an interview with Dream Team Sports, a WhatSapp group in Benin.

“The most African goalkeeper of all time? It’s the others who designate it and it turns out that I received the trophy for best goalkeeper of the century. And we just started a new one (century editor’s note)… so unless you ask me for this one… », He confided during an exchange on the Dream Team Sports group from Benin.

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