Namibian talent nominated for 2022 Africa Choice Awards

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The ACAs are a first-of-its-kind award show in Africa, mainly because of the large number of award categories recognising creative individuals including make-up artists, actors, musicians, social media influencers, DJs, photographers, models, and many more.

Founder and president of the ACAs Theo Olele says this year has seen more Namibian nominees because of the enormous talent that has emerged from the country over the past year.

“Namibians are doing a very good job and there are amazing creatives and amazing people in Namibia. It’s not the first time for Namibians to be nominated, but this time around there were more Namibians than ever before because they are so talented,” Olele said.

This year’s theme is ‘The African Dream’, and soon the award show will be hosted in other African countries as well.

“It’s an event where we promote African cultural heritage because Africans have a very rich culture, we have a rich heritage of food, women or men or fashion and music. We just added Egypt to our list of nominees and although we are hosting this year’s edition in Nigeria, next year may be in South Africa or even Namibia,” Olele said.

He urged Namibians to flaunt their traditional attire on the biggest night for African creatives, as the ASAs encourage the celebration of African royalty and tradition.

DJ Kboz, who is nominated for Best African DJ of The Year award, told that the nomination came as a surprise.

“I’m really honoured. I didn’t even know about it until I saw my name tagged. It has been a long journey of pushing my brand and it’s finally paying off. Thanks to my team at TNA for constantly supporting and seeing my vision through and mostly the fans for the continued support,” he said.

Voting starts on 1 September on the ACA’s official website

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