Hungary’s Cooperation with Africa Built on Respect

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“Hungary sees Africa not primarily as a continent of threats, but as a continent of opportunities and a continent of the future,” said Tristan Azbej, the State Secretary for the Aid of Christians and the Hungary Helps Program, at the opening of the Hungary-Africa Week, an educational, cultural, and economic event in Budapest on Monday.

The politician stressed that the government is seeking to establish respect-based cooperation with countries of the continent, based on mutual interests.

“In Africa, the slow pace of economic development, the food crisis, armed conflicts, religious persecution, natural disasters, and climate change are all challenges that need to be addressed,” Azbej said, pointing out that “finding solutions is also in Hungary’s national interest, as deepening crises can drive tens of millions of people away from Europe and Hungary.” “Africa is the external line of defense for Europe’s security,” he added.

According to the State Secretary, the main objective of the Hungary Helps Program is to provide a vision of the future to communities in crisis zones or developing countries through mutually beneficial cooperation.

György Hölvényi, Christian Democrat MEP, the EPP’s coordinator in the European Parliament’s Development Committee, said it is very important to bring together organizations that want to do something for Africa. “Hungary has recognized that churches have an indispensable role in Africa, and decision-makers must take this into account when organizing aid,” he said.

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