Dilolo Lake

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Legend has it that an old lady, coming from an unknown place, started wandering around the village. The lady was very tired, so she decided to ask the villagers to give her some water.

She started knocking on doors, but no one would help her. Tired, she decided to ask one last time for water. At this last house, her prayers were heard: a little girl opened the door and gave the woman the water. As a thank you, the lady warned the young woman that she and her family should leave that village, because at night it was going to rain heavily and the area would be flooded.

The girl followed the woman’s advice, and as the family left the village it began to rain. The rain quickly flooded the place, and the remaining residents were submerged.

Many believe that the former residents still live there, submerged to this day, claiming that it is possible to hear their voices from under the water.

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