Planning A Trip To Chaminuka Game Res

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This wildlife park was licensed in 1979 and has become popular among the tourists over the years. The park boasts of abundance of wildlife and birdlife species that includes a mixture of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Being a wildlife park, tourists have an excellent opportunity to indulge game drive activities that will allow you to spend time among the endangered species. You can spot animals like variety of cats, primates, reptiles such as lion, elephant, giraffe, Burchells, zebra, hyena, porcupines, Sable, Blue wildebeest, Buffalo, Bushback, Buffalo and other species. For avid bird lovers, this national park boasts of amazing bird species that will leave you awe struck. Chaminuka Nature Reserve houses an excellent lodge that is made for the comfort of the visitors. This spectacular lodge proffers luxurious accomodation, picturesque views over Lake Chitoka where you can witness the glorious sunsets of Africa. Indulge in delicious food of Africa whilst overlooking the beautiful views of the reserve, admiring the beauty of the place. With modern amenities, plush lodges and excellent service, you can never get bored of this place. Get ready to explore and discover this hidden gem of Africa that will take your breath away.

Best Time To Visit Chaminuka Game Res
Chaminuka Game Reserve can be visited throughout the year. The best time to view the animals is in the dry season that is from the month of May to October. During this season, tourists have a high chance to spot the animals in their natural habitat. It is the time when animals roam around freely inside the park and gather around the waterhole to quench their thirst. The temperature remains pleasant and calm allowing the visitors to get up close and personal with the endangered species.

Things To Do In Chaminuka Game Res
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Game Drives
Game Drives
Chaminuka Game Reserve is well known for its excellent game drives where you will get to see the amazing wildlife of Africa. You can enjoy morning, afternoon and evening drives in open top safari vehicles that will allow you to get up close and personal with the endangered species. The reserve boasts of 72 species of wildlife which is a combination of mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Cheetah Experience
Chaminuka Nature Reserve is renowned for its brilliant cheetah experience where you will get to encounter these giants’ species from a closer view. You can get to see these animals roaming around freely inside the reserve in their natural habitat. After your game drive tour, you can head out to view these mammals up front and close.

Bush walk
This nature reserve offers bush walks to the visitors allowing them to explore the place on foot. You can learn about the abundance species of wildlife and birds while on your bush walk tour. Apart from the wildlife, you can also get to know about the vegetation and medicinal values of in house plants and trees that are used locally.

Bird Watching
Chaminuka Private Reserve is home to various bird species that will allow you to see them from a closer view. The reserve houses more than 300 species of birdlife roaming around inside the national park. If you are an avid bird lover, this reserve is an ideal place to spot different variety of birds.

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