Omu Resort, Ibeju Lekki (All You Need To Know)

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The Omu Resort is open for all parties, whether you want to go there with your kids, go on a date, go for a business meeting, organize a luxurious party for your employers, or want to have fun all for yourself.

Hence, in this article, I’ll review all you need to know about the Omu Resort before visiting the location, some of the activities you can enjoy at the Resort, and some important information you need to know about the Omu resort.

When finding the best location for your loved ones to experience wildlife and have fun in Lagos State, Nigeria, Omu Resort is one of the places you can think of.

It is not just a place for vacations or having fun with friends and families; it’s also a place for educational programs, for instance, when children go on school excursions to be educated and entertained about the world of wildlife preservation and conservation.

The Resort is located within the Ibeju area in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. It was built on twenty-two hectares of land that faces a large water body that oversees the lagoon. And if you’d want to get there, you don’t have to worry because I will direct you to the next heading/section below.

Furthermore, this lovely place known by most Nigerians and tourists was founded by Mr Dipo Bally but is managed by the Wood Fields And Theme Park. This company specializes in recreational and wildlife preservation.

In addition, Omo Resort has been operating for over a decade now in such a way that both foreigners and Native Nigerians know about the resort.

Not only that, but the Ibeju Lekki Local Government also met with the founder acknowledging the impact the resort has made on the economy of the local government area and also in Nigeria.

And, unlike other resorts where it may be difficult to get food when hungry, the Omu Resort has different food dealers you can call, and what you order will be delivered within a few minutes.

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