Gabon In The Waltz Of Coups

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In recent years, Africa has vibrated in the rhythm of coups d’état. The latest being the one in Gabon on August 30, 2023. Four days before, the Gabonese went to the polls to democratically choose their future president. Ali Bongo, after 14 years in power, was also a candidate. After the votes reviews, the provisional results gave opposition candidate Albert Ondo Ossa the winner. Suddenly, the internet was cut off in the country and a curfew established. Then on August 29, 2023, Ali Bongo Ondimba was declared the winner. His joy was short-lived because the next day, General Brice Oligui Nguema overthrew the government before proclaiming himself president of the transition.

A government already established

Two weeks after Oligui Nguema took power, he set up a transitional government on Monday. He will be responsible for presiding over the destiny of of Gabon before the suggested elections that will return power to civilians. At the head of government, we find Raymond Ndong Sima, a baron of the opposition who wasted no time to appointment members of his government. Sima’s new government has former leaders of the Ali Bongo regime, opponents, members of civil society and the military.

On Tuesday, same story in the Parliament. As president of the Senate, Oligui Nguema appointed Paulette Missambo, president of the Union Nationale political party, and a major opponent of Ali Bongo in the 2023 presidential election. Jean-François Ndongou will be at the head of the National Assembly. He was several times minister of the deposed president. The vice-presidency of both chambers includes senior army officers, members of civil society and former members of the overthrown government.

A new allegiance to France?

Unlike Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Niger, France is not worried by this coup in Gabon. After a brief suspension of French military activities in the country, these have gradually resumed. France, moreover, does not condemn this coup and works closely with the transitional government.

It is said that Ali Bongo during his last term, took resolutions that weakened his relations between Paris and Libreville. The new strong man of Gabon, General Brice Oligui Nguema was molded in the French school and is also the cousin of Ali Bongo who spent 14 years in power and the nephew of Omar Bongo, father of Ali , who was in power for 41 years. The dynasty continues!

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