UbuntuPlus Co-Creation: Telling African Stories, Promoting Culture Of Compassion, Respect, Dignity

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The summit underscored the need for women to unite, focus and advocate for change, especially on the principles behind Ubuntu or Omoluabi – spirit of solidarity, compassion, respect and dignity.

Hosted by Chestrad Global in Nigeria, and held at the historic Glover Memorial Hall, Lagos, the cocreation summit was one of the high points of a four-day programme across three states in Southwest Nigeria – Osun, Oyo, and Lagos – which included tour of the historic city of Ile-Ife, exhibition of adire as a main indigenous fabric of Africa among others. The Summit brought together several dignitaries, including former first lady of Oyo State, Dr. (Mrs) Florence Ajimobi, and various stakeholders – policy, private sector, investors, women’s groups, adolescents, young persons, and others. Speakers at the summit, including the Panelists comprising Sina Fagbenro-Byron, Wendy Gardner, Adeola Azeez, Remi Olajoyegbe, and Olori Olushola Adedoyin-Alao, also stressed the need to carry the next generation along. They averred that more than ever before, these principles must drive our responses to major challenges and recovery.

Mrs. Florence Ajimobi commended the organisers of the Summit, noting the significance of the summit to “lead an amazing crop of women of Africa wherever they maybe to reposition women issues, gender equity, youth inclusion and diversity through the medium of age-long principles of Africa. I commend the concerted effort not only to better African heritage practices that nurture, protect the resilience in women, children and young persons but also enable sustainably financed interventions. “This mission represents inclusion, action to co-create intervention that harness the best of our gender heritage and culture without losing the values.”

President of CHESTRAD Global, Lola Dare, noted “UbuntuPlus highlights our commitment to tell Africa’s own stories of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and co-create interventions that integrate these concepts of African humanity (Ubintu, Omoluabi etc.) into interventions on leadership development, gender equity, youth inclusion and diversity. More than ever before, these principles must drive our responses to major challenges and recovery.”

She explained that the “main outcomes are to share directions in our strategic learning initiatives, advocacy, and innovative sustainable financing approaches to strengthen health systems through the PHC approach in national human capital development programmes.”

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