The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School Of Technology (MEST) Africa Unveils Top 5 Startups

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These startups have emerged victorious after rigorous pitch sessions, beating out 40 competing startups from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. The finalists represent diverse sectors, including fintech, health tech, e-commerce, and edtech.

Meet the Winners:

Letaji (Kenya): Revolutionizing the construction industry, Letaji is an online marketplace streamlining the process of purchasing building materials. It connects homeowners, contractors, and hardware stores directly with top suppliers.
Chestify AI (Ghana): This innovative platform enhances patient care by facilitating seamless connections and support among clinical professionals.
OneHealth (Nigeria): At the forefront of health tech, OneHealth offers an integrated platform for virtual consultations, connecting patients with doctors and diagnostic centers while managing prescriptions and test results online.
Sanya (Senegal): A visionary in IT edutainment, Sanya creates a unique blend of educational and entertainment digital products, fostering a community-based approach to tech learning for companies.
Koa Academy (South Africa): Pioneering the future of online education, Koa Academy stands at the forefront in South Africa with its innovative approach to digital learning.
The finalists are expected to pitch for the winning prize money at the end of January, an event that will be organized and hosted by MEST Africa.

Ashwin Ravichandran, Portfolio Advisor at MEST expressed his excitement about the upcoming finals: “The top 5 finalists of the 2023 MEST Africa Challenge are a testament to the remarkable innovation and potential within Africa’s tech ecosystem. Each startup has shown incredible prowess in their fields. We eagerly anticipate their presentations at the Final Demo Day, where they will connect with our dynamic network of entrepreneurs, investors, and partners.”

The MEST Africa Challenge, a flagship initiative of MEST Africa, plays a pivotal role in nurturing aspiring and early-stage tech startups across Africa. As a comprehensive training program, seed fund and network of hubs, MEST Africa is dedicated to empowering the next generation of African tech startup innovators.

This year’s challenge, in partnership with Absa Bank — a leader in African financial services committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship — highlights the collaborative spirit driving Africa’s technological advancement.

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